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The need for exclusive repository for Economics is felt these days. With increasing number of articles being published using open source software under creative commons licence has flooded the net with electronic version of articles. At present this repository will cater to articles from the field of Economics.
Any one can submit their repository for indexing. For indexing purposes the repository submitted should meet the following guidelines.

1. The submitted repository should be OAI compliant

2. The repository submitted should contain articles licenced under creative commons

3. The submitted repository should contain articles only from the field of Economics

Comments can be submitted to:

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The collected records can be seen under the “View Record” links to see the original documents click on the “View Original” links. Important: There are no subject keywords assigned to the Economics articles, so you can search for the title words only. The Date field usually contains the day of the metadata record’s creation, not the date when the original document was created or published.

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Journal of Economics Bibliography, 5(2), June 2018, “New Economics Journals“.


Recently added journals

Journals which newly joined to EconBib, will be listed under the “New Journals List” of next quarter’s new issue of Journal of Economics Bibliography.

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Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management Sciences (Added: June 30, 2018)

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