The following principles underpin our hosting policy:

KSP Hosted supports the STM Article Sharing Principles and we want to work in partnership with organizations aggregating and making available versions of articles published by researchers with KSP Hosted. This policy complements our sharing policy which outlines how authors can share their research, and agreements with subscribing institutions about how licensed material can be shared.
We believe that we all have a shared responsibility to work together to ensure researchers can share research quickly, easily, and responsibly. This requires active partnering to ensure the coherence and integrity of the scientific record, to promote responsible sharing in a way that respects the needs of all stakeholders, and to enable impact and usage measurement in a distributed environment
Hosting platforms should develop and share COUNTER compliant usage statistics so that researchers and publishers have a full picture of how articles are shared and used
Where commercial organizations seek to benefit from hosting versions of articles on their platforms, formal commercial arrangements should be made with KSP Hosted. Non-commercial organizations can host documents under the terms of this policy.
Sites or repositories that provide a service to other organizations or agencies, even if those other organizations or agencies are themselves non-commercial entities, are considered to be providing a commercial service, and this service activity will also require a commercial arrangement with KSP Hosted.

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