To make a contribution to the science, we continue publishing based on ( as KSP Journals (JEPE, JEL, TER, JEB, JEST and JSAS). Please, view the website, Editorial Board, the indexes and published articles, their quality and diversity.

In this context, in order to contribute to the world’s scientific knowledge, hopefully we intend to cooperate with the congresses in different countries. KSP Journals will publish reports and conference notes by cooperating with the Local and International conferences that are happened in 2015, after accepting them in the Editorial and Jury control processes, thus in this regard we would like to publish some reports that are presented in your congress. KSP Journals has 30 thousand followers, which are notified about the news and developments.

We make this offer in the manner to make contribution the world’s scientific knowledge.

From KSP Journals website ( before the Congress, the Journal’s followers’ attention will be tried to be directed to the Congress by announcing this collaboration. After the Congress, in the following issue a conference note will be published about the congress scientific activities.

I am looking forward to your reply enthusiastically based on this offer. Wish you good work.

Best wishes.

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